Hair 2014: blonde blonde blonde

This is the year of blonde hair, in its various gradations!
If we are already natural or not, we know very well it is a color dreamed  by all women : as the saying goes "Men prefer blondes".

There is a varied chosen of shade, but our choise depends from our skin tone:

  • FOR FAIR SKIN COMPLEXION : You can choose platinum blonde! If you go for this shade of blonde never forget to apply red lipstick because fair skin tone and platinum blonde makes you very pale. So red lipstick make lips stand out.You are afraid of making such a statement? You can opt for a warm sandy tone, that can be achieved by combining a dark or strawberry dye and highlights (or shatush) two or three tones lighter on your hair ends. In this category we remember Gwen Stefani and Cate Blanchett.

blonde hair
Gwen Stefani

blonde hair
Cate Blanchett

  • FOR OLIVE SKIN COMPLEXION: there is a wonderful news. People with an olive skin complexion can also go platinum blonde. Of course, the key is to choose the right tone. More specifically, a modern platinum blonde in which ash blonde nuances are mixed with buttery ones. Eva Longoria and Kim Kardashian are a good example!
blonde hair
Eva Longoria

blonde hair
Kim Kardashian

  • IF YOU HAVE A DARK SKIN COMPLEXION:  once again the example to follow are  Beoncè and Rihanna
    Leave your roots dark then lighten up the lengths. Naturally it ia a radical decision: you just have to think a bit
blonde hair

blonde hair

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