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Gemily Barbon

Finally it's arrived the holidays of summer season!

We know it well, this is the season in which the
skin needs more care and protection. If the skin of the face and body is not prepared to exposure of the sun, there is a great risk of damaging the skin with sunburn. So whether we're going (sea, montain or open country for our holidays), we don't forget our travel-size beauty products: but what are they?

The essential for the body

  • sunscreen:  to avoid sunburn must choose sun protection factor suitable for our skin! My favorite products are:                                       
Bilboa sunscreen
Nivea sunscreen

  • shower gel body balm: with their extra moisturizing formula, while it cleans and makes a moisturizing.

shower gel body balm
Nivea shower gel body balm

shower gel body balm
Eucerin shower gel body balm

  • moisturizing cream: to be applied after showering

  • moisturizing cream
    Johnson's moisturizing cream

    moisturizing cream
    Dove moisturizing cream

    The essential for the face
    • sunscreen specific for eyes and lips:  these two areas are very sensitive, for better protection is good to apply products whose formula is suitable for these areas

     face sunscreen
    Nivea face sunscreen

    lipstick sunscreen
    Nivea  lipstick sunscreen

    • thermal water spray: be applied when the skin tends to dry out! moisturizing cream: to be applied after showering

    thermal water
    Avene thermal water

    • moisturizing cream: to be applied after showering

     moisturizing cream
    Nivea moisturizing cream

     moisturizing cream
    Avene  moisturizing cream

    The very important thing is to use products which are suitable our skin, whatever their purchase price!
    Then good exposure to the sun and enjoy your holidays!

    good tan

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