Summer Nails: Yellow!

Holidays are begun.
Summer colors are protagonists of the moment and we can remember them with fantasy nail art!

nail art
fantasy nail art!

To do that, we have needed yellow, blue and turquoise in only 8 steps: you have a enjoy yourself....

nail art
Base Coat
STEP ONE: Swipe on the Neon Base Coat.                                                                                                                                                                           

  nail art
    STEP TWO:  Apply yellow to each  nail..                                                                                        

    STEP THREE:Let your nails dry for about 10 minutes
    nail art
    STEP FOUR: Paint small fan in the outer corner of the nail with blue, about a quarter of the nail up from its base in a curved half-circle. Fill in the rest of the nail from there to the tip.

    STEP FIVE: Let your nails dry for about 10 minutes

    STEP SIX:Repeat step four with turquoise, this time starting in the middle.

    STEP SEVEN:Let your nails dry for about 10 minutes

    Mat Coat

    STEP EIGHT:Apply the Mat Coat to have a perfect effet!

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