Best Eyeshadow Colors for Blue Eyes

Cameron Diaz

After wa have talked about Best Way to Enhance Brown, today is the time of blue eyes.
Make up blue eyes is not always easy. Admired by all, blue eyes are in fact more difficult to enhance with make up
With the right make up tricks and choosing the right colors, it will not be difficult to emphasize blue eyes and make them even more fascinating and irresistible.

is definitely among the shades of eyeshadow most suggested in the case of blue eyes. The contrast increases dramatically the intensity of the gaze.

But also yellow and orange-red (so all warm colors) are preferred!

                                                Cameron Diaz with her radiant bronze eye makeup

This classic rule in the choice of color can be changed: we are talking about makeup and this should be fun!

Let's see other best colors for blue eyes:


This colors (and their hues) goes in contrast with blue and stand out the gaze. I find it is a good choise and i like so much pink: when i was a child always i applied pink eyeshadow (i have green eyes).

Against all the rules, even on blue eyes we can apply its own color. We create a harmonious effect, but without contrast: a little trick is aplly a black eyeliner!

Anyway, everyone must try different colors and type of make up to find the right style: yes, this is a big fun!

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