How to do the Perfect Makeup for Fair Skin

Fairy Skin

Hello girls! I thought i would want to start a short series about different types of skin, trying to give you some advices on the make-up.
I can say this is the theory, but in practice you must follow your personal style and experience to achieve the look that you like!
Today we talk about the very clear skins!
Learn your undertone is the first step towards the conquest of the perfect foundation: apply a foundation with a warm hue on a rosy face makes almost orange, while a product with a cool hue on a warmer skin makes it look gray and dull: you take tester and patience and try!
Overcome the obstacle of the base, you think of the rest of the face; generally on a pale skin look good neutral colors, not too intense. This does not mean merely to brownish and beige eyeshadow, you can also use dark shades, but more subtle.

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An example? Instead of a black smokey eye, better to use a gray or a nice brown, to blend well. Even the colors can go crazy, the important thing would limit them to just one area, for example: if you use fuchsia lipstick you apply just a hint of mascara on the eyes (or green eyeshadow with neutral lips and cheeks).
And the blush? It is always the same makeup: neutral colors, or even turned on but not oversaturated. For instance, a rose color is fine, but in a pastel shades and not fluorescent. Instead avoid reds and browns, because they really do much detachment.
Girls i hope this post has been useful, and let me know if there is some "Snow White" among you, how to apply make-up and what products are buying!! Kisses

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