How to Wear Green Eyes

Scarlett Johansson

Hello girls!

This is the third post of the mini-series dedicated to the eyes: how to exalt them to the maximum with the colors?
In these days we discovered a few tricks for brown and blue eyes, while today we will talk about of those who, like me, have green eyes!

Perfect color for green eyes are red, orange and purple: these are the shades that will make seem your eyes like vivid field!

From fuchsia to purple, from bronze to burgundy, we say that the choice is wide enough; also in this case the idea is not to use an eyeliner blood color, but to find products with warm tone and inside with pigments that change color to red.
Another good tip for all light eyes is to make them stand out in shades a bit 'darker, not too pastel. This is true both for eye shadows, mascara and eyeliner. Always best to choose a color more intense than a tenuous, because the clear eye needs definition, otherwise you will "lose it" and the effect is a bit 'washed out!.

Green shades are good for this type of eyes because they are in harmony, but they create less contrast with the iris. In any case, i suggest to find a gradation different from our eye, maybe a dark green or olive green, always creating a minimum of detachment.

Girls, I hope you like this post, and i hope it has helped you understand a little about the colors! And you with green eyes, usually which is your makeup? Respect the rules or you like to transgress?

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