In the spotlight: Amber Rose

Hi girls!

After her new selfie, in which she poses in bikini made of string (the sexy star showed off her toned body in a barely there bikini!), Amber Rose did talk much about herself!

She performed striptease under the pseudonym "Paris" at the age of 15 after the divorce of her parents to provide for her family. Rose gained notoriety after posing for a Louis Vuitton print advertisement featuring Kanye West's sneaker line. In this moment start her fantastic career like model, singer, actress and she has also opened a clothing line!

But beyond her physicality, she's be able to attract the attention for her clean face: she is so beautiful and very sexy at the time!
Her short blond hair emphasize her perfect features. Infact her makeup is simple, and its focuses is on color lips: nude, dark, pink or red she appears always in a right look!
So to reproduce her makeup:

perfect skin: we will prepare our skin with a moisturizing cream, and after apply a foundation macthing with our skin! We set with powder, better if it's trasparent! We warm our cheeks with a light brown blush!

for eyes: simply we will apply only one neutral color on lids: don't forget to aplly abundant mascara!

for lips: we will can choose the color we prefer, better if in contrast with our color eyes!

So are you ready to try? For any question ask me...!

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