Katy Perry: Meet the Singer....

Hello girls!

Hello girls! Today we will see the look of one pop queens of this moment: Katy Perry! Her style is quirky, fun, very feminine, a little retro and certainly never boring; also make-up is a key element of the image of the singer, who always knows how to reinvent herself changing, with some details here and there.

The one big "bad luck" of Katy, probably, was to begin almost simultaneously to Lady Gaga: but they are so different therefore have different admirers who follow them!
Her makeup is often like "modern pin-up", with intense lipstick, eyeliner and thick eyelashes; however she always knows how to add a touch of novelty to every her makeup, resulting each time true for herself , but never boring.

Really i find it's interesting the way to use crazy colors, that would seem for most of us "ran away from home", instead about her are almost fine! All this because her face is so clean, that somehow manages to dampen any strangeness ... or almost

But we never forget her clean face: she is a polyhedral girl!
Anyway let us see some pictures of this fantastic celebrity.....

pics from vogue.com - hollywoodlife.com - wallpaperswide.com - gq.com - coolspotters.com

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