Perfect No-Makeup Makeup: Part 2

No-Makeup Makeup: Products

Hy Guys!

After talking about the right way to no-makeup makeup, in detail today we will see products to use and we start from the base!
If the first thing to do is to cover imperfections. The secret to get it is to use a right concealer for our needs. That are pimples or dark circles, each one has a specific correction.

Drier and covering for pimples
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Softer or liquid and more orange color for dark circles!

Besides covering, the secret to a perfect no-makeup look is illuminated in the right places. A good concealer pen, maybe one or two shades lighter than your skin, it can be a good solution if you are looking for a light coverage but at the same time you want to give radiance to the face.

In this type of make up, you can not apply foundation. But if you are obligated, choose light texture and easily blendable, preferably liquid with matte finish, so you do not need the powder.
Depends on how you are accustomed, your bb cream or cc cream are also fine and will give a boost of health to the face, covering imperfections.

For the eyes, i like the pallets that have matte eyeshadows or satin finish, like the Naked Basics 2, which has more or less clear neutral tones , however, all adjustable for a light makeup.

The mascara can be brown instead of black, and maybe we can do one or at most two daubed.

On the lips we can choose a simple lip balm, transparent or colored because they can help to make them more hydrated and fleshy without having resort to the lipstick.

Best blushes to stay in line with this look are those not too pink or too orang.

Ok girls, i hope my tips will have been useful! These are my favorite products for a no-makeup makeup: what are yours? Do you use this kind of look? Do you like it? In which events you prefer to create this kind of look? Let me know in the comments! A big kiss beauties!