5 uses of butter eye pencil

Until a few years ago bright pencil was exclusively white, but now white pencil has evolved and we can find many variety: butter, flesh, ivory etc. much more natural and versatile in their use!

butter pencil shouldn't lack in the beauty case of every woman.
In fact, it is extremely versatile and can be used in many different ways. Let's see what they are!

enlarge the eyes
Apply the butter pencil in the waterline makes the eyes bigger. Unlike the white pencil (can be a bit artificial) the butter color is very natural and gives the idea of an eye almost cleansed.

create light points on the eyes
Applying a bit of butter pencil to the inner corner of the eye and under the brow, the eyes will get immediately three dimensionality and luminosity.

eyeshadow base
apply on the eyelid butter pencil allow us to have a better performance eyeshadows applied after. So eyeshadows will be adhered better to the eyelid, more intense, brilliant and will last much longer.

minimize wrinkles
wrinkles are signs that create shadows. To illuminate these dark areas we can cover them with the butter pencil, then blend well tapping with your fingertip.

make fuller lips
after the normal application of lipstick, we can apply butter pencil on the outer edge of the lips , then blend slightly outward. In this way your lips will appear more defined and volumizing. In addition we will also correct any small mistakes applying lipstick.

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