How to fill Eyebrows

Today i'll talk about one of the topics most loved / hated by all: eyebrows!

Who don't dream perfect eyebrows? To get the desired shape is often a difficult task and we have to deal with hairs don't grow or grow in the wrong places!
But,in this case, eyeshadows and pencils help us to define and draw perfectly the shape of our eyebrows!

Often you ask me how to fill and make fuller eyebrows, to hide holes or areas with sparse hair and get better shape.
So we will see technique to get a perfect design!

Hair Removal
remove with tweezers the hairs that grow out of the correct line

We apply the eyeshadow as color base: choose the color that is close to our natural hair color (taupe if you are blonde, chocolate if you are brunette, hazelnut if you are red and coffee if you are blackberry).
To have an opaque effect, we can use eyeshadows specific for eyebrows.

After do this we have created the basic design, but to give a three-dimensionality to our eyebrows we have to go to next step: use a eyebrows pencil! The pencil color, as well as for the eyeshadow, should be chosen as close as possible to our natural hair.
Sharpen the pencil: so it has a fine point to draw the small sections in the direction of the hair where our eyebrows are more sparse.

Now the final touch: with the help of a flat brush apply a little light concealer under the eyebrows to define its arch giving a "lifting " effect. Do you know this tecnique? Do you think to try it?