The secret of Flawless Foundation: Primer!

What's the secret to flawless foundation application? The perfect primer, of course.

Yes it's true. Primer does everything from minimizing pores, to smoothing fine lines, to cleaning up your messes, and yes and there’s even a version specifically made for your eyelids.

Quickly minimize the appearance of pores & fine lines for smoother the skin!
So, if you’re just learning your way around the beauty aisle, and wondering why you can’t get your makeup to stay on (or worse, in place!) it’s because nobody told you about primer. And in these sweaty days of summer, especially now we are going to summer, you’re gonna want to use it.

How to apply
Apply a thin layer of primer to clean, after lightly moisturized skin. Pat lightly from the center of the face outward with fingertips. Wait seconds, then apply makeup as usual. Skin appears smooth: isn’t that what we’re all looking for?

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