The Nail Polish Shades to Make Hands Look Younger

Make Hands Look Younger

Hy guys! When we talk about nails, often we think them trends: colors, shapes, applications, nail art etc. Therefore we are not used to thinking (in the choice of color) in terms of age! This means that, like every other sector which concerns the look, also the choice of a nail polish rather than another influencing the final effect.

Simple example to do is the choice of the color dress to wear: if it will be dark you will look thiner, if it will be bright you look fatter ! The first question to ask is:
what 's the color makes my hands look younger?

With age the skin tends to take on a yellowish color. So colors to avoid are:

  • gray and its shades: these enhance the yellowing of the hands, making them even more off.

  • Light colors: draw attention to hands, maybe not so young.

  • neon colors: for the same reason of light colors.

  • Now let's see what colors match better with all skin tones

  • Fair Skin:

  • Recommended colors: Plum, Red-orange, Coral, Neon and all Neutral Colors. Colors to Avoid: Pastel Colors and dark colors such as Black and Blue.

  • Olive skin:

  • Recommended colors: Orange, Pink, Blue, Lilac, Metal Colors. Colors to avoid: Purple, Navy Blue, Red and Pastel Colors.

  • Dark skin:

  • Recommended colors: Lilac, Red, Metallic colors and neutrals. Colors to avoid: Silver, White, Yellow, Orange, Neon colors and all Pastel.

    However, it takes little bit to enhance your own hands!

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