How to deal with a bad haircut

How to deal with a bad haircut

When we go to hairstylist and recide to cut our hair, sometimes the result is opposite to our expectations! Generally it’s relate to manage ourselves hairstyle everyday: manage an eccentric haircut is very difficult!

Infact , if they are so short, the blow-dry is hard to do!

But let’s how to deal with bad haircut:

  • Uneven Bangs
  • Cameron Diaz

    The easy solution is to hide them, styling deep side part and getting them to stay. So, wet hair and blow-dry in place and set with a medium-hold hairspray and secure while you finish getting ready.

  • Too Short Bangs
  • Miley Cyrus

    The only thing to do is hide the short bangs with a headband. You haven’t other choise: waiting your hair grow, you can wear and change some chic headband…..don’t worry there will be short time!

  • Limp Layers
  • Drew Barrymore

    The secret is to give texture to your hair. How? Blend the ends together: adding a texturizing paste to the ends of your hair (get more some body), work with the natural texture of your hair. After use a curling iron to hide the appearance of layers.

  • Disproportioned Layers
  • Drew Barrymore

    This is your opportunity to use trend updos and add some polish to your beauty routine. Infact, the only way to brush well your disproportioned layer is gather the hair together with chic chignons or ballerina buns.

  • Uneven Part
  • Drew Barrymore

    You dont’ understand wher is your hair part? Do you realize your part and doesn't look good?
    Well you can try the trendy center part: Split hair down the middle and use a hair gel to keep hair in place all day.

    Anyway, it's hard to deal with a bad haircut!!!

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