Perfect makeup for tanned skin

Perfect makeup for tanned skin

We are already in september, but it doesn’t mean also for our skin (more or less tanned) or our look. We can still be inspired by the summer colors, waiting autumn! So we can enjoy ourselves to make last summer makeup with golden/amber complexion (I hope, to all of you, got it in this month of holidays). From most simple to more elaborate, so you can find the best solution for you!

Soft look
With tanned skin and warmer tones, we prefer makeup (even the simplest) has bright eyes, face or lips: a golden eyeshadow, the more neutral with iridescent spangles or glitters, but also sticks or powder face highlighter and lips with , neutral or colored lipgloss.

I think if you want to remain simple, but at the same time to emphasize your tan, to give a touch of light is a step you can’t forget. The contrast created by the tan with highlighter make your makeup more important!! For eye shadows texture also choose cream or stick: with a finger go across the eyelid will give you a really flawless makeup.

Soft look with bold lips
If you create a makeup adding lighter in T zone and on top of the cheekbones, combined with bronzer you will get a sculpted face: it can be a good solution for your makeup for last summer days.

For lipo products you can choose soft textures and comfortable warm colors such as red, orange, the fuchsia, not too cold, but if you want even darker lipsticks, used in autumn!

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