Makeup for brown eyes

Makeup for brown eyes
Makeup for brown eyes

Brown eyes are gorgeous

Often those who have brown eyes complains because they believe to have a look less attractive than girls with blue or green eyes!!
Well, I'm here to show you that you don't underestimate your brown eyes, indeed, you are the luckiest when it comes to makeup!

The reason is very simple: with brown eyes you can use all colors you love and like (>‿◠)✌

Ok, on brown eyes i think you should always create a little 'contrast and opt for darker shades, intense and pigmented. For a magnetic eyes, then, choose the blue, green, gray, and purple! My favorite color ever to enhance the brown irises are petroleum blue!

Yeah, you are the lucky among the lucky ones! Apart from dark brown eyes are very sweet and deep, then you can really make a palette with all the rainbow colors and choose a color with closed eyes. This is because you can apply the full range of golds, bronzes and browns! Having a look already very defined, in fact, you do not necessarily need to add intensity!

So here is an smokyeyes idea for you that incorporates a few of those flattering colors for the brown eyes!
1. after applying primer start out by putting a pearly light pink pencil on lid and lower lashline.
2. Grab a light copper eyeshadow: apply it on lid and on crease of the eyes.
3. Continue on by applying pearly brown eyeshadow to the outer corner of the eye. Reach the crease to inner to outer corner. Apply black pencil in waterline and blend brown eyeshadow in lower lashline
4. To intesify effect, reapply pearly pink pencil on lid.
5. Blend well brown area.
6. Apply highlighter on browbone
7. Intesify outer corner of the eyes with darker brown.
8. Apply gold glitter on lid with glue to inner corner to middle of the eyes!
9. Draw a thin eyeliner line and apply false eyelashes.
10. So gorgeous final effect!!

A right highliter is fundamental for a good result of your makeup!!

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