Hi Ladies....!

Last summer, do you remember.....? I talked about Strobing.
To make it easier, it's like a contouring makeup, but without dark shade!!!

In the last few hours, our Jaclyn Hill makes a exciting video, where does she make a makeup challenge for a new trend (maybe)?

The new is to make FULL FACE HIGHLIGHTER!!.

Full Face Highlighter Challenge is now up on my channel!!😂🌟🙈

Una foto pubblicata da J A C L Y N 😜 (@jaclynhill) in data:

After to have seen the video, i find the result is very extreme: she likes a star in the night sky!
But she is so beautiful, that also this make up is perfect for her.
I think i will never try it on me: maybe it will can be good for perfect face shapes...LOL

Anyway i leave , down below, the link to see her challenge....let me know your comment: do you like it or not?

all pics from web

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