How to Make Your Lips Look BIGGER in 5 the worst way!!

Hi sweeties!
It's time to talk about a thing was lanced 2 years ago: How to Make Your Lips Look BIGGER in 5 Minutes!!
What is it? How to do it?

It's a simple thing: just take a plastic jar with round closure, place the lips on and literally sucking all the air that's inside for 5 minutes!!
Yes, for the first few times it seems work well. Finelly you see your lips so bigger, fuller like never before. And you think: not even plastic surgeon can make them in this shape!!!
And this was my mind before to have try it.......!!
Often, before makeup or as face care routine, i made my lips session and the results were so gorgeous: my lips were perfect.

Problems arrived after. Infact the skin around lips was damaged (redness), wrinkles were formed (each lips session they became longer) and with the passage of time, finished swelling, my lips seem withered.

Naturally i stopped all treatments and i thought: what can i do to put right?
After much researchs i find a lot of tips about facial gym for lips ( It works better than plastic jar. After tring them both, i can say
1) in the first one results are immediate, but soon effect disappears and can cause permanently damages (redness, wrinkles)!
2) in the second one results are slow, but after time improvements will be increasingly evident and long lasting!
What can i say? I'm keeping to do facial exercises....
Which one do you want to try?
Leave comments down below....♥♥♥

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